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Essential Oils are MAGIC.

My grandmother was famous for washing windows. Her windows gleamed SO brightly that all the other old ladies in the neighborhood used to glare at her house from their porches and secretly seethe with jealousy at the windows’ spotless, brilliant sheen.

Ok … so the last part is more my imagination than real life but this lady DID have beautiful windows. Her process, which has been passed down for generations, includes a millions steps, razor blades, vinegar, newspaper and ammonia (for the screens). Women in our family hold ourselves to Edna’s impossible standard of perfection when it comes to a lot of household tasks but we are especially incorrigible when it comes to window washing. So how do we handle our legacy of window perfection?  We avoid the task at all costs. No, really. I’ll make up ALL KINDS of excuses to avoid window washing. I’d even take my kids to Chuck-E-Cheese to get out of doing the dreaded, yellow-gloved deed. I’d rather not do it at all than do it poorly and bring shame on my family name. Unfortunately, it’s the poor windows that suffer the most.

Information about OnGuard
If you only have one oil in your home … this should be itThe other day I sat on my couch in a pile of laundry staring out my dingy windows. They were dusty, fly-specked and depressing. I HAD to do something. Dare I make a move for the ammonia? Ugh. I hate ammonia.

Today as I sat on my perch drinking a cup of tea, I glanced at my coffee table and caught a glimpse of the trusty spray bottle that accompanies me nearly everywhere I go in my home. My “mom bottle” is always full of a strong mix of DoTerra OnGuard (disinfects and promotes healthy immune system) and water. I use it for everything. In fact, the reason it was sitting on my coffee table is that not more than 10 minutes earlier, I had sprayed the heck out of my son’s feet to kill the odor and odor-causing micro-grubbies that live on little-boy feet. I sniffed the air, no stink. Just the fresh smell of citrus and clove … thank you, DoTerra.

I glanced back at the windows … I wonder …

This mix works for every application I have EVER tried. I diffuse it in my house during cold/flu season and BAM somehow the angel of death (aka flu) skips my house. I use it in the laundry, on my hands after diaper changing, on my kitchen counters, in my dish water, the list goes on. I even mist my carpets with it before I vacuum. OnGuard is a miracle oil blend. But could it work on windows?

The answer is YES … even to the standards set by generations of perfectionists.

Step one: 12 drops of OnGuard and enough water to fill a standard size spray bottle. Shake to combine.

Step 2: Remove screens.

Step 3: Spray on inside of dingy windows and wipe off with paper towels. Repeat on outside. (try not to blind yourself with the impending brilliant sheen).

Step 4: Spray off screen with hose.

Step 5: Spray one side with oil mix then rinse with hose. Repeat with other side.

Step 6: Let dry.

Step 7: Replace screens.

Stand back and be amazed.

I’m going to be honest. I didn’t really expect it to work. I’ve used my “mom bottle” to clean mirrors in the bathroom, toilets, even floors. All turn out beautiful with that microbe-free shine I love so much. But windows?! The bane of every homeowner? Nawhhh … but worth a shot!

I tell you what, folks. I’ll never go back to the days of rubber gloves and noxious chemicals. Gotta love a window cleaner that you COULD actually drink. No worries with my toddler around, either. Worst case scenario is he ends up drinking a cocktail of immune boosting essential oils and hydrating H2O. Win-win in my book … amirite?!


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