Halloween with kids … all the magic and no embarassing fb tags

I’m pretty obsessed with Halloween. It all started when I was eight or nine years old and my mom dressed me up like a bathtub to go to the local Halloween festival. I got so many laughs with my shower cap and cotton-ball bubbles. I even won the costume contest (my mom ate my prize … she earned it). I was hooked from that day on. Halloween is no joke in college, either. Back in my Chico State days, people planned Halloween like moms plan for fall family photo shoots and the result was amazing! College kids can be so creative! From replica “Ghost Busters” gear to the entire “Perkis Power” crew from the film “Heavy Weights,” I saw some of the most amazing costumes during my time in Chico (Note: I’m not talking about “sexy” costumes here, laides. Wearing underwear and a head band does not make you witty … it gives you pneumonia).

Now that I am a mom, Halloween has taken on a much different feeling. Gone are the days of competing in a game of beer pong against some girl dressed as a sexy beehive. THANK GOODNESS.

Parents win HANDS DOWN for having the most fun on Halloween — even more fun than college students and with much less liver damage.

I have always decorated for the holiday, but now my decorations are appreciated by an entire family of Halloween enthusiasts. Each child looks forward to something different and the little decorations I’ve amassed throughout the years have become family traditions. My oldest boy, Sebastain loves the paper spiders we made one year for a craft. Every year we unearth them from the huge box of spider webs and hang them around the house in various spots intended to surprise house guests. He loves those silly things almost as much as he loves the looks on peoples faces as they “find” them. My youngest son, Wyatt turned two this year and his all-time favorite decorations are the plastic eyeballs I set around with some candles as a creepy center piece. I actually found one of the eyeballs in our bed the other day. He must have brought it with him in the middle of the night to cuddle with.

One of many adorable projects for a kid-friendly Halloween night.
One of many adorable project ideas for a kid-friendly Halloween night!

Kids add magic to any holiday but celebrating Halloween with munchkins is far better than any 21-and-over event could ever be. Who cares about cocktails and sexy Abe Lincoln costumes when I can make footprint ghosts and tour the town with a two year old dressed like Donald Trump? #winning.

This year, my best friend Tina is coming to town with her little angel, Stella. We plan to take the kids out to show off how stinkin’ cute they are before heading back to my place to make kid crafts and answer the door for trick-or-treaters. Compared to how we used to spend our nights when we were both undergrads at Chico State … the night is going to be BEYOND tame. And you know what, that’s just the way we like it. Halloween with kids is about making memories, sharing a “purple people eater” with your best friend and being tucked in bed next to your favorite little monster before midnight. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my favorite holiday. Bring on the popcorn balls, good friends and classic Halloween kids’ movies! And remember, “mummies” have the most fun!


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