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Know which fruits and veggies to buy organic!

Buying a cart full of organic fruits and veggies is beyond expensive and it’s also overkill. According to the Environmental Working Group, the rule to follow is to buy all organic whenever possible (like when you have the money and it will not break the bank) but to ALWAYS avoid the “dirty dozen,” which are produce items that are likely to have a high accumulation of pesticides and toxins in them if they are NOT organic. The Clean 15, by comparison, are produce items that are likely safe even when purchased from the (GASP) regular produce bins. Buy the “dirty dozen” organic every time and don’t sweat it with the clean 15. With everything else, do what you can with the budget you have. Keep this handy guide with you while you shop or visit the EWG website for more information and tips. PRO TIP: You can download the EWG’s apps for Apple and Android to keep this info with you on your mobile device. WOO WOO!



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