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Healthy Shopper Tip: Thrive Market

For those of us who love to buy organic, Paleo, and no-GMO foods, shopping can be a mixture of joy and pain. We joyfully fill our baskets with products we know will be safe for our families, gentle on our bodies, and easy on the planet. However, we know that once we reach the checkout line, our pocket books are very unlikely to share our joy. A recent trip I took to a local health food store left me feeling some serious burn in my wallet. I sat my SINGLE bag of groceries on the car seat next to me and winced as I stuffed the receipt into my wallet … $140 … for one bag of groceries. OUCH. I love supporting my local market but I seriously can not afford those prices. It’s got to be give and take, right? A 12 oz jar of coconut oil can not cost me $14. It just can’t.

The web is full of marketplaces that advertise healthy food options at a low price. The problem is that my definition of “low” differs greatly from most online health food retailers. I want a lot for a little and I want it all to be healthy and safe. Is that really too much to ask? The answer is: not if you ask the right people. For me, the right people are the folks behind Thrive Market. This fantastic online option boasts hundreds of vegan, Paleo, no-GMO, organic, whole-food options alongside housewares, cleaning products, and health and beauty items (they even have adorable lunch pails for kids). I have never seen such low prices on these items and the affordability gives me freedom to try some new things and taste test without tapping in to my kids’ college funds. I love saving money so price is a big deal for me. If it weren’t I’d probably be focusing more on the awesome variety of grocery items and the fact that the site gives free subscriptions to needy families. These folks are just all-around good people.

Wait, what? Free subscriptions for needy families? So that means my subscription isn’t free? That’s right. After your free trial, you will pay $60 a year to be a member. I know, bummer. But the good news is, you will save so much money over that year that it will easily pay for itself. I’ll give you an example:

My first shopping trip consisted of some staples for the house, a ton of groceries, and some shampoo and conditioner for me. All in all I bought 20 items. Among the items in my “cart” were 6 cans of coconut milk, a new brand of grain-free, no-GMO, organic crab and pink-shrimp bisque (I can’t wait to try it), a huge tub of organic coconut oil, some organic corn chips, Paleo mayonnaise, Paleo turmeric wraps, a bunch of random stuff that looked delicious, and a really cute lunch pail for my son to take to the nanny’s house (I’ve been looking for one for a while and this “pirate pail” won my heart). You ready for the total? $70. That’s right. I got all of this for well under $100. I got free shipping because my order was over $49 and I got a “new-user” 15% discount on top of that. I’m feelin’ really good about that total.

I highly recommend checking out this website if you are someone who spends a lot of money to prioritize healthy eating and an all-around sustainable (for bodies and the planet) lifestyle. We all know that eating healthy isn’t cheap (CRUEL world!) but it doesn’t have to be SO expensive that it becomes a budget-killer. I think Thrive Market can help the granola-folks save a few dollars while we save the world! Don’t you just love a win win?



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