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Toy Rotation: The Colorful, Plastic Chaos Stops Here

Every year after Christmas my house begins to look a lot like a toy store … if a toy store had no semblance of organization and was run by a crazed 3 year old with the attention span of a gnat.

What I’m getting at is we already had MORE than enough toys before our annual visit from Saint Nick and now we are bursting at the seams. Between a September birthday, Christmas and the fact that I have very little self control when it comes to impulse buying educational toys, our house has become overwhelmed with play things. Not only is this an issue for creating a peaceful home environment, it is also a bummer for my little guy, who only plays with the top layer of toys, leaving the rest of the (very cool and sometimes expensive) items at the bottom of the various bins and toy boxes to sit sad and alone, singing songs about being forgotten and abandoned (damn you, “Toy Story” trilogy for making me feel sorry for every toy we own).

Enter Pinterest. There’s a reason they call themselves, “The World’s Catalog of Ideas.” There are many awesome ideas out there for organizing the chaos but the one that caught my eye today was the idea of a “toy rotation.”


Basically, you separate toys into totes, say six of them, and rotate them either daily (that’s ambitious if you ask me) or weekly (more my speed) or whenever you feel like it. You can theme the boxes or not, add books or not, etc. etc. The thought behind this is to limit clutter, create more “hype” around previously forgotten toys and books and give yourself a break from all of the constant cleaning and picking up. Another added bonus is breaking the toys into smaller segments so you can clean them more easily and regularly without devoting a whole weekend to the de-germing process. Simply clean the toys before you rotate them out each time and you’re done. BAM!

This has become a mini-resolution that I’m piggy backing onto the “less screen time” goal I talked about in my last post. I’m hoping that by de-cluttering my son’s room and play room he will have the opportunity to re-discover “new” toys each week, which will (in theory) help encourage him to play more and zone out on the TV/iPad a whole lot less.

Fingers crossed!

Here is a second opinion about why toy rotations are so frickin’ amazing. And a detailed how-to-make-it-happen post, here.

Happy organizing!


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