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Turn Your LOVE On: 40-Day Challenge


It’s February and love is in the air. Around my house things are developing quite nicely. I think we’ll have grandma and grandpa watch the kiddos and go out for a nice dinner at a sweet little local bistro. We may have a cocktail. I’m definitely wearing my “sexy dress.”

But after all the flowers and white-wine spritzers are gone, what will we take away? A night out is definitely important and, if nothing else, Valentine’s Day is great for reminding married couples (especially married couples with kids) that we absolutely MUST make time for each other. But one day a year isn’t enough, is it? We need to remember that this relationship is the foundation for every other important thing in our lives. If the marriage suffers, everything else suffers. While I consider myself a very, very lucky woman as far as my marriage goes, I think every relationship, including my own, can always benefit from renewed effort.

This year, I’m using Valentine’s Day as inspiration for a 40-day love makeover using “The Love Dare” challenge. Beginning today, I will be sharing each day’s “dare” as well as supplementary reading, ideas and thoughts via my Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook pages. Social media makes it easy to tag along for the ride or jump on and see what a change it can make in your relationship! The idea is to commit now to completing the entire 40-day dare, no matter what may come in the next 40 days. This is a secret so no fair telling your spouse that you are part of this challenge! Shhhhh, let’s get started!

Click here to turn your LOVE on via Pinterest.

Click here to turn your LOVE on via Facebook.


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