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Love Dare: Day 3 “Love Is Not Selfish”


It’s day three of my 2017 Love Dare challenge.(It is not too late to start the dare on Day 1! check out my Facebook page to start back at the beginning!)

Today’s focus is on giving (i.e. not being selfish). The dare today is to give a gift to your spouse that says, “I was thinking of you.” The idea is to spend a small amount of money (I think something under $20 is most appropriate) to show your investment in your spouse and his/her happiness. This could mean dropping lunch off at her work, grabbing his favorite candy bar at the checkout counter, or picking up a small gift that is purely born of your own creativity. You really can’t fail here because most adults aren’t used to getting anything unexpected … ever. When was the last time someone handed you a gift out of the blue? It really wouldn’t matter to me what I received if someone were to do this for me. Getting handed something other than a used Kleenex every once in a while would be a welcome change.

The “As Seen On TV” area of the drug store is full of fun (and sometimes hilarious) options as are the end-caps in most big box stores such as Wal-Mart or Target. If you’re stumped, close your eyes and think back to the last time your spouse mentioned something he or she would like to have. Even if you can’t buy them the whole enchilada (I definitely can’t run down to the store and buy my husband a Ram Rebel today) you can use it as inspiration for a small token of love that will brighten their day. I can’t by my husband a new truck, but I can buy him a new steering wheel cover for the truck he has now. I noticed last time I drove his pickup that the steering wheel cover is basically hanging on by a thread. It’s time for a replacement. Just dig deep and find a little something in your memory banks to stir up some inspiration. Deliver it to your spouse with a smile and “I was just thinking of you today and wanted to give you a little something special” watch his or her face light up! Ahh, the power of a little extra effort.


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