What is a “GranolaHeart,” anyway?

a definition of the term granola from google dictionary
Be defined by your heart not by google dictionary.


What does it mean to be a “GranolaHeart”?

The short answer is that granola-hearted folks have the very best, healthiest, cleanest, freshest, most wholesome intentions … but we also live in the real world.

A GranolaHeart is someone who does her best to provide the best nutrition and healthiest possible lifestyle for her body and family and home but may sometimes feel like she misses the mark. She reads “Whole Foods” magazine and has tried the Paleo Diet. She shops the produce section and pins recipes for homemade hummus but also wonders how she is ever going to integrate kale into the diet of her Hostes-cupcake-loving husband.

A GranolaHeart may not understand the concept of vegan leather but loves the taste of Raw milk. Our hearts are granola but our feet are on the ground. We love our children, our husbands and our bodies. We fill our homes with essential-oil mist but haven’t gotten around to our DIY laundry soap recipe. We have Pinterest boards full of good intentions but schedules full of soccer practice, corporate meetings or even (GASP) NRA fundraisers. We love the Earth but our recycling prowess does not extend to soda-can Christmas ornaments or milk-carton birdhouses. We are real, beautiful, wonderful people who strive to educate ourselves and pioneer our lives and the lives of our loved ones in a positive direction.

Our hearts are in the right place and we are proud of doing the very best we can do to be healthy, fruitful and centered … ALMOST every day.

Welcome to GranolaHeart. REAL people with REALLY good intentions. Life is about the journey and wellness is about a lot more than just having the right shopping list . Not everyone can be 100 percent granola 100 percent of the time and not everyone wakes up in the morning looking like this …

Granola is a way of love not another reason to feel inferior.





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