Granola Alarm: Noun.

The skeptical feeling or inclination aroused inside ones husband, wife, children or guests that the food they are eating is extremely healthy for their bodies. Usually precede negative meal-time interactions. Moms try to avoid such alarms.

Example: “She mixed the hemp seed hearts with peanut butter to avoid setting off any granola alarms.”

Granola Heart: Noun.

A GranolaHeart is someone who does her best to provide the best nutrition and healthiest possible lifestyle for her body and family and home but may sometimes feel like she misses the mark. She reads “Whole Foods” magazine and has tried the Paleo Diet. She shops the produce section and pins recipes for homemade hummus but also wonders how she is ever going to integrate kale into the diet of her Hostes-cupcake-loving husband … (read entire definition).

Stealthy Healthy: Noun.

Anything healthy, i.e. packed full of nutrients, anti-oxidants, fiber, Omega 3s, etc., that you can add to the regular food your family eats or make into a healthy meal without setting off any granola alarms.

Example: “She searched her freezer for some stealthy healthy to add to her husband’s morning oatmeal.”

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